AQUARELA by Victor Kossakovsky

The movie documents an everyday dance between icebergs and humans. Dance here is a meeting point, a contact zone between one matter and the other. It is a dance without named relations but simply, 'being in it' together.

I wonder what it means to 'be with' a hyperobject, the one which I will never be able to grasp and classify but which I am still trying to get close to and which is still sitting on my neck. How to be with it, to work with it even though it cannot be understood? How can we face the melting glacier, allowing ourselves to feel total strangeness, and confront the affections that arise from such a meeting?

Man as a whole is moulded out of in-humanity, very diverse, with completely different natures and speeds. Literally placing man in such a non-human context enables them to enter into all kinds of unexpected alliances, to feel unlimited to the "I" and to move away from the gaze that escapes the central position. Every time I try to get closer to a different matter, to a different organism, I become in-human.

My identity blurs into a difference.

I blur and become something else.

Or maybe I am not blurring, maybe I am piling up, maybe I am rocking. Matter is still swaying, non-vectoral, without a specific purpose.

Dance provides an opportunity to notice our position in relation to the world, our relations with other organisms and objects, and to forget about this position for a moment. The attitude towards strangeness and the feeling of strangeness towards yourself allows to see more.

I think that the ability to face the alienation of non-human beings and phenomena that exceed our perception has a chance to open our imagination to other communities and relationships.

Agata Siniarska


Choreographic Turn was made with financial support of Ministry of Culture of Slovenia and with financial and logistical support of Nomad Dance Academy Slovenija.