Mojca Sovdat: I am an animal.

I am an animal. Nature within me. Vulnerable, scared, I am slowly approaching and moving away.

I am watching, I see you. I back away, I accustom.

Restlessness and undulation in my movements. I am an animal. I am all extinct animals. They all are within me. I honor them.

Worship of uniqueness with the sadness of disappearing.

They're gone, I'm leaving.

Can you hear my screaming, fighting, stamping, sounds of whales?

The last sounds of someone disappearing.

What happens when silence arise

when footsteps disappear

when last animal disappears

when I disappear?

Twitching movements. I gaze at you, I dance the last dance, I worship everything inside me because they are in me.

Every movement, sound, absence of movement, silence, scream, swing, jump, liveliness in the hands, light body, fear,

I am standing on my head, circling, loving, getting lost, crying, singing to you, leaving, resonating, everything within me is nature, animals, their lives.

When darkness comes, when I resound

I leave behind worshipping, ecstasy, sadness, fascination, tears,


disappearing before your eyes.

Inspiration: Roberta Again (Roberta Milevoj, CoFestival) 28. November, 2016


Choreographic Turn was made with financial support of Ministry of Culture of Slovenia and with financial and logistical support of Nomad Dance Academy Slovenija.